Monday, January 31, 2011

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's Inauguration 2010

Right as we end the month of January (and I also wish a Happy Birthday to my sister), I should add a few pictures in relation to my being present at the Maryland Governor's Inauguration. I had an enjoyable time sitting out in the cold (for the ceremony and speeches), talking history and politics with people in line, and meeting the governor and lt. governor again. Best thing, is that he remembers my connection to the Mordecai Gist portrait. :)

Maryland State Seal

Initially, I was sitting back here, but then they moved us up closer :)

Everyone was in their uniforms... or otherwise appropriately dressed for the weather and/or the occasion...

It's hard to see, but through that tree is where the speakers were standing at the podium. Unfortunately, not really useful for taking pictures.

After the Governor was officially inaugurated, there was a fly over and cannon shots were fired to salute him!

And here's a closeup of me in front of the stage after the event was over :)

I waited in line for a half hour or so to shake hands with the Governor, at the Government House in Annapolis. This is the Governor's official residence. It's gorgeous inside and I might post some of those pictures later.

For those who wish to see the pictures of me with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor, please follow this link here. The pictures in question are djb_2832.jpg and djb_2834.jpg
These are the preview images, from the Governor's website:

Maryland Statehouse as seen from Government House grounds... 

The Maryland Statehouse is has a lot of interesting history, which I may relate in a future blog post as well.


  1. What a great experience, even if it was freezing!

  2. It wasn't that bad, but I must say going while I was in the middle of a cold, wasn't the best timing, lol! And yes, it was great fun!