Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!!! Bonne Année!!!!

For my friends in both the new and old worlds, I wish a lovely new year!

I remember my friends and family in Maryland, France, Virginia, Sweden, England, The Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Germany, Illinois, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Ontario, Kentucky, West Virginia, New York, Corsica, Texas, Washington DC, Arizona, China, Oregon, etc. and all those who live places I don't presently remember!

I hope in this new year to be a better person, and to discover many new things! :)

I also hope that Debout La République and Nicolas Dupont Aignant will have much success gearing up for the 2012 French Presidential Elections. (I would love to be there for some of the excitement!)

Also, my wishes include the European bureaucrats not getting ideas for new ways on how to remove our liberties and tread over our traditions and everything good. Same thing goes for the self-important people in the Federal Government of these United States, and for those who have lost touch with common sense in Maryland. May those in Europe never forget their national identities like the citizens of the Sovereign and Independent States have here.

Additionally, I hope to see many of my friends again over the course of this year and to enjoy the time we have while placed on this earth.

Happy New Year everyone! :D

Image source for arms of Royal France and Maryland: Wikipedia; for those of Mordecai Gist,
Christopher Gist of Maryland and Some of His Descendants, 1679-1957 by Dorsey and Dorsey.All images edited by Justin Gist Preuninger for