Saturday, May 13, 2023

Are quiet children better?

Pet peeve: parenting that is rated upon how unintrusive one's children are in any situation in life.

Children have a right to exist--in fact they are essential to the future of our economy and our world. Adults are not the only people who matter on this planet.

How do you achieve completely compliant children who never make noise without abusing them? I can't find a credible source that would suggest this is possible, let alone achievable or desirable.

Children need to be safe--to explore, to express themselves. They also need to be raised to know that some places require being quiet or proper manners. But they also are allowed to exist. Especially in their own home.

If you come to my home and my children make noise--it's because they feel loved and safe. It's because they are human.

To those who think children should always be seen but not heard--I would suggest you either have a generalised amnesia regarding your own childhood or you did not have the right to exist as a human being in your own home during your youth. Don't force that upon another child.