Monday, October 11, 2010

Panorama: Standing in front of the Washington Monument

I made this panorama yesterday when I was walking around the National Mall... I have more pictures coming later... but this is a good one to start with, especially as its size deserves a unique post! :)

Lovely Dress at NGA with Gold Weave/Print on Sheer-like material

I have seen this dress at the National Gallery of Art numerous times, but it only just hit me yesterday that it looks like the dress is almost a sheer with gold either woven into it or applied to it somehow... notice the lovely impression that is given from the painting:


 And close up:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

This is a Revolution... (French Steve Jobs Parody)

Sorry for the lack of posting lately! I've been moving (and am not done, because I'm not very efficient)... so hopefully I will pick up shortly!

In the meantime, enjoy this hilarious clip about how Steve Jobs can make anything worth buying... ;) lol! (The translation is not the greatest and has errors, but you should be able to get the gist of it...)

Note: You may prefer to watch it on youtube by clicking on the video, as the blog obscures part of the view.