Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let There be Color!

This year I am trying to experiment with color! I've gotten really good at the classic look and being somewhat preppy, but I think it's time to branch out and add some more life to my wardrobe!

As such, I'm trying things I would never have dared before, such as purple socks (J.Crew)! The idea was that the purplish socks with the tan smoking loafer slipper shoes would be similar to my burgundy-purple/golden stripe bow tie. Sadly, in normal daylight, no one thought they matched too well. That said, I still really like the contrast against the white/tan stripe seersucker suit I wore.

For those who are curious: yes, I did actually wear this to work. Everyone noticed: my boss even took pictures! (I think he wants to blackmail me or something, ha ha!)

Attempting to match the colors!

I absolutely love the contrast! I knew I had to have these socks when I saw them at J.Crew!

Matching silk knots!

Later in the day, I decided to test the socks with sock garters to keep them from sliding (all socks that are shorter, in my experience tend to slide to some degree or other). These miracle workers are generally for wearing with silk hose with a tuxedo, but I wear them periodically with any socks that I want to keep up. The downside, is that they can dig into the skin a bit, depending on how they are worn. Yes, I'm old-school... no, I'm not sorry.
Being silly, striking a pose on my new sofa!
Back to normal, again new sofa! (Pink wasn't exactly my first choice, but I really love the style of the sofa and the fabric design is gorgeous!)

I finally found a better way to tie the socks into the outfit today: pocket square to the rescue!

Friday, April 20, 2012

ICDC Fashion Show + Easter in DC

Fashion Soiree / Dance Party at Josephine Lounge by ICDC

I should probably stop apologizing for my busy life, but it keeps happening. I keep wanting to write yet end up postponing things because my mind is distracted or I simply don't have the time. That said, I'm cool with interesting distractions to keep things exciting and diverting... feel free to suggest good ideas!

In the theme of good distractions, I recently attended a fashion event put on by the International Club of DC... a group I am enjoying for classy and creative events here. (You should join too!)

The collection was by designer Evgenya Luzhina and had interesting elements, such as a heavy focus on headpieces and bright colors. While I'm not sure that I was entirely enamored with any of the outfits, I did generally appreciate concepts and ideas in the gowns. Some of the color contrasts, such as a gold crisscross pattern on blue really worked very well. She also made good use of green and turquoise tones.

Enjoy my pictures here:

My pictures were basically pretty bad, so my friend Esam was kind enough to send me the following pictures from the event:

Can you spot me in the background trying to get my phone high enough to take pictures?

Easter 2012!

Today [Easter] I sang in choir at church during the most glorious Easter service I have ever been to in my life! The power of music and truth is a beautiful thing! (Also, how did I miss this all my life? This new church is bringing me in touch with so many blessings of the true church through the ages) 
~My Facebook status from Easter 2012

On easter Sunday after church, I got together with friends I met at the ICDC event a couple days before and we had a delightful picnic by the Jefferson Memorial. It was very happy... although it was also a bit too windy. I think we would have been able to have our picnic magical-flying-carpet style had it been a bit more gusty!

Riverfront picnicking!

After the picnic, I ended up walking around DC, going to museums and clothing shops at random. It was enjoyable (albeit frustrating, because I'm way too picky), but by the end I was absolutely exhausted!

fro.zen.yo is a really great way to relax!

Don't ask me why I went inside Forever 21... the store is a disaster... however, I really like their chandeliers!