Friday, April 20, 2012

ICDC Fashion Show + Easter in DC

Fashion Soiree / Dance Party at Josephine Lounge by ICDC

I should probably stop apologizing for my busy life, but it keeps happening. I keep wanting to write yet end up postponing things because my mind is distracted or I simply don't have the time. That said, I'm cool with interesting distractions to keep things exciting and diverting... feel free to suggest good ideas!

In the theme of good distractions, I recently attended a fashion event put on by the International Club of DC... a group I am enjoying for classy and creative events here. (You should join too!)

The collection was by designer Evgenya Luzhina and had interesting elements, such as a heavy focus on headpieces and bright colors. While I'm not sure that I was entirely enamored with any of the outfits, I did generally appreciate concepts and ideas in the gowns. Some of the color contrasts, such as a gold crisscross pattern on blue really worked very well. She also made good use of green and turquoise tones.

Enjoy my pictures here:

My pictures were basically pretty bad, so my friend Esam was kind enough to send me the following pictures from the event:

Can you spot me in the background trying to get my phone high enough to take pictures?

Easter 2012!

Today [Easter] I sang in choir at church during the most glorious Easter service I have ever been to in my life! The power of music and truth is a beautiful thing! (Also, how did I miss this all my life? This new church is bringing me in touch with so many blessings of the true church through the ages) 
~My Facebook status from Easter 2012

On easter Sunday after church, I got together with friends I met at the ICDC event a couple days before and we had a delightful picnic by the Jefferson Memorial. It was very happy... although it was also a bit too windy. I think we would have been able to have our picnic magical-flying-carpet style had it been a bit more gusty!

Riverfront picnicking!

After the picnic, I ended up walking around DC, going to museums and clothing shops at random. It was enjoyable (albeit frustrating, because I'm way too picky), but by the end I was absolutely exhausted!

fro.zen.yo is a really great way to relax!

Don't ask me why I went inside Forever 21... the store is a disaster... however, I really like their chandeliers!

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