Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dress Pumps, Light Khaki Trousers, and Izze...

I was shopping for a dinner suit this evening and as a result wore dress pumps to the store for sizing purposes. Now I was thinking, though today they are expected to be worn in conjunction with black silk hose and the appropriate suit for black or white tie evening dress, they were actually a creation of the Regency.

Based on court shoes, which had silver buckles... Beau Brummell replaced the buckles with bows, creating what are now known as dress pumps. Now, these pumps would have been worn with white stockings and likely tan or black breeches originally, in formal settings. With this in mind, I thought, maybe this might be an interesting way to bring them back, since it's not every day we wear black or white tie attire.

Do you think these would work for an elegant night at dinner or whatnot?

The only problem with the pumps, is that due to the fact I had to mail-order them from the United Kingdom (they were incidentally a really good price), I didn't end up getting quit the right size, despite measuring my feet. As a result, I've had to pad the end with cotton, which isn't always enough, as my sister can attest... they came off while dancing once, which was rather amusing. Do any of you have better ways of tricking shoes into fitting?

Here's a picture of the full outfit:
 (Sadly my phone camera did a terrible job and I was really too far from the mirror!)

After I got home, I decided to try some blueberry flavored Izze, a very interesting and rather tasty drink found oftentimes at Starbucks, but also as it turns out, at Whole Foods. Of course, I didn't like the idea of drinking it straight from the bottle, so I went into my kitchen and got a flute glass. :)


  1. Justin.... Dr Scholls makes a pad that sticks to the inside of the back of your shoe to help keep them from slipping.

  2. You're looking dapper as always :-)
    Yes, check out the Dr Scholls pads. I've used them before and they work quite well.