Monday, August 2, 2010

Brigadier General Mordecai Gist + Maryland Governor's Office

As it turns out, I am Brigadier General Mordecai Gist's 1st cousin, 8th removed! I had the special privilege of meeting the Governor at a fundraiser a year ago, and when he saw my middle name, he instantly remembered the existence of the portrait you see now. Governor Martin O'Malley has been known for participating in 1812 reenactment activities at Fort McHenry, so similar era. I believe he is something of a history buff, as he knows all the details about Gist and other figures of the era. His walls are full of various historical figures, as the panorama I was so kindly permitted to take will show you... :D As my work was recently having a retreat in Annapolis, I was finally in the area to see it, and his staff was so gracious as to help arrange my visit and allow me to take the pictures here!

Please visit the wikipedia article hereto linked, because the history of who Mordecai Gist was and the service he rendered Maryland would take too much space to fully and justly relate here. Suffice to say, Gist fought a number of battles bravely, particularly in South Carolina and was present at the Surrender of Cornwallis. He later settled in South Carolina.

Click on the picture to enlarge... there is a lot of detail!!!

And some closeup pictures:

This is a cutout of the panorama above. :)

Photographs taken and posted by Justin Gist Preuninger, with permission from the Office of the Governor of the State of Maryland


  1. There is also a copy of this portrait at the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore.

  2. Do you know which of these was the original? Are they both the same size?

    1. I have written 3 Gist books that you really should read. They just came out. DNA evidence on 66 Gist's in a study is just some of what is there. My mom was a Gist...