Thursday, August 26, 2010

Northanger Abbey is Adorable!

Originally when I read Northanger Abbey, I found it to be a fun read... but I never really enjoyed it nearly as much as I do now, having seen iTV's period drama adaptation!

I'm going to go through a couple of pictures to show you a few glimpses of the loveliness in the film... simply: the story is beautiful, the characters are deep and yet funny as well as personable, and the costumes and music are absolutely wonderful! I strongly recommend this film! These are just a very few and only cover about 1/3 of the movie length... my hope is they will encourage you to see the whole thing... I will probably post more on specific style/fashion posts later, because some of the outfits are just so noteworthy that they deserve more than a cursory overview!

Catherine, the heroine, discovers love in spite of her ridiculous notions, fueled by the popular gothic novels of the Regency. Mr. Tilney actually sees through her and enjoys teasing her quite a bit... making the larger part of the film rather sarcastic and very funny! 

I love how innocent and naive Catherine is, she remains her honesty and propriety regarding the world and relationships even to the very end after getting mixed up with some influences who do not have her best interest at heart. In short, Catherine is a very cute sort of heroine... it's quite difficult to think ill of her, unless you insist on having jaded characters... that you will not find her to be! (I don't think she's weak, I think she's just naive... she never let's up on what she believes is right, which is a clear sign of strength)

The film also has a number of serious moments and they really add depth. This isn't just a comedy, it has a good deal of moral opinion and advice built into it, just like Jane Austen's other novels. Thankfully though, it of course ends well... although I won't tell you how the story gets there. You will have to read the book and then watch this film!

PBS Trailer:

Please go here to find the iTV Jane Austen series trailer:

 (note: there are some scenes which may require a little discretion from my good readers, depending on your opinions on modesty)