Sunday, August 29, 2010

Curved Elegance: Stylish Cars!

I know I haven't really done anything related to cars yet, but I thought I'd post some thoughts related to them. I find it sad that the flowing curves that used to grace cars and carriages of the past have been abandoned in favor of bland, disposable, 'modern' shapes that go out of date just in time for us to buy a new model with different angles and features. There are so many models to cover, I can only highlight a few here... I'll write about more later as I come upon them!

In honor of the cars with sweeping curves, I present to you the following Delahaye automobile from 1947:

Unfortunately, my understanding is that French taxes during the 1950's drove this luxury brand out of existance... :(

Here's another example (Delahaye Roadster car model 135 MS):

Here's another lovely curved model... (Porsche 356 Preens):

Scene at 10 Downing Street:

The 1953 Corvette is another great example:

Jaguar from 1952:

Great closeup of a Jaguar XK 150...

This Maserati bumper picture is great!

Here's an awesome clip on some of the history of the Jaguar XK 120... this is a truly beautiful car!

I've found actually there are two manufacturers of vehicles which have at least recently still made classically inspired vehicles... as I find more, I will feature them.

First, Jaguar has had a resurgence in their retro vehicles during the 1990's and 2000's, although they were unfortunately recently discontinued. Here's a clip of the new S-Type which is themed on the Mark II (this ad here does a great job of showing the old and new):

retrouver ce média sur

Here's a picture of the UK variant of the new S-Type: (from Wikipedia)

Additionally, I've noticed that Morgan Motorcars in the United Kingdom still makes cars that look like they were designed in the 1930's and before! Check out their website...

I'll close this out with a picture of the new Jaguar S-Type (2005) at night:

Update: one more XK120 video!


  1. Love your car, & I especially adore the photo of the 1952 Jaguar :D The photo is so classic (as well as the car) and the woman standing w/ it looks amazing!! Very fashionable :)

  2. I'll have the 1953 Corvette please :-)

  3. Thank you, Victoria :D

    Sara, the '53 Corvette is very lovely... even if I have a penchant for British cars, lol! I only wish I had enough money that I could seriously think about buying some of these! (an XK120 easily goes for more than $80k... and that's on the absolute cheap end... just a rusted frame can easily be $30-40k)