Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Party

This is the first in a series of themed parties that I have hosted lately. I will add the others soon to my blog!

I wanted to celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee despite not being in the United Kingdom. To this effect, I hosted my own Diamond Jubilee celebration this summer. As it turns out, my party was a small affair with a few good friends, but it was nevertheless fun!

Here are a few pictures:

Friends enjoying party, also notice the red and blue lighting

British themed summer fruit punch, Queen's Royal Standard and portrait in background

British flags, Diamond Jubilee poster, and picture of Queen's Speech in Parliament
Ajouter une légende

Historic colonial Maryland flag, with blue lighting... I had red lighting under the cabinets, with the goal of having blue white and red lighting, in keeping with the British theme.
Table of British themed paraphernalia, also Queen's portrait in right corner.
We watched the Diamond Jubilee concert on television

Another shot of the concert

God Save the Queen, may He bless her with many more years!


  1. Oh man Justin Gist Preuninger you look so much like Heath Ledger..These is so much resemblance..anyway all of these pictures are really wonderful.thank you very much for sharing.keep posting.

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