Thursday, November 29, 2012

Europe 2011: Part 11, Jane Austen Festival #1

The Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England is one of the most fun events I've been able to be a part of. It's hard to explain, but the combination of pretty fashions, interesting lectures, dancing, and company of friends makes for lovely memories!

This post is mostly going to be me sharing pictures, because honestly, that's the next best thing to being in Bath!

You know it's a Jane Austen Festival when there are bonnets on the wall!
Meeting up with Jane Austen Book club friends the night I arrived!
And then on to day 2:

Lunch with the majority of the International Jane Austen Book Club! :D
Dolinde, Viktoria, and Aurora!

I decided to have a small tasty snack at the Jane Austen Centre and check emails! :)

I believe this is Queen Square
Jane Austen Centre! :D

And I also worked on some panoramic shots:

Royal Crescent
Royal Crescent, different version

In the evening, we had musical entertainment at the Masonic Lodge, which was the old Theatre Royal.

The ceiling is quite interesting

I sadly had to leave early to join friends watching the first episode of Downton Abbey's season 2! Yes, that's right, I saw the season premiere as it aired in the UK last year! :D

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