Monday, November 26, 2012

Europe 2011: Part 10... Paris, France to Bath, England via Rail

This concludes the portion of my trip in France. Please enjoy the journey from Paris to Bath, UK!

RER in Gentilly

The Paris metro was running a series of posters regarding etiquette:

"The person who pushes 5 people when getting on the train will not get there any faster for his effort"

"When she is speaking at 86 decibels, a private call is no longer private"

And of course they had their own Borgia series competing with The Borgias from HBO.

Paid restroom in Paris train station (I think Gare du Nord):
Notice that you can use the urinal for €0.50, have a shower for €3.50, or get a private toilet stall for €2.30.

Eurostar terminal!
Riding TGV on Eurostar to England!

Time to enter the channel tunnel!!!!

First picture in the UK!

St. Pancras Station, London UK

British countryside speeding by!

Reserving accommodations!

Bath Spa station, Bath, England


  1. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Bath - it certainly looks like it! I always love seeing how England is viewed by people from other parts of the world - it's often an interesting and different perspective.

    I wish we had posters like those French ones at English stations (heck, anywhere) - we certainly need them, I'm afraid.

    By the way, I've passed on the Liebster Blog Award to your blog, congratulations!