Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jane Austen Spoofs!

I generally am a purist and don't like twisted up versions of the Austen stories... however, some of these are classic or infamous in their own right, or simply worth a laugh. As a result I am sharing them with you now for my more daring readers. Some of them may be slightly offensive and for that I do apologize in advance. I obviously didn't design them myself, or else they would have been a bit different, undoubtedly.


Jane Austen Fight Club (viral video):

That Mitchell And Webb Look: Posh Dancing (wherein, Darcy shows of his sweet moves)
(note: there is one offensive word in the middle, fyi)

I just ran into this series: 'Jane 08'... which parodies the films in the style of an American political advertisement to promote a fan-fiction novel. (The best part has to be the one about the environment)

But wait... there's more! 'Truth'...

And it continues! 'Leadership'...

This last one counts as explosive... and advertises beer... be ready for gratuitous gunfighting...

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