Friday, September 30, 2011

Europe 2011: Part 1

This is going to be an ongoing series of pictures, anecdotes, and stories from my recent vacation in Europe. I visited family, friends, places, and participated in many fun and exciting events during my time. I hope you enjoy the ride! :)

Riding to airport in shuttle

Flying to Chicago O'Hare from Reagan National

View out the window prior to take off at DCA

Panorama while in the air

Chicago O'Hare inside and outside the terminal

Me again, now on the flight from Chicago to Brussels

We even had a bit a of food... and the obligatory apple juice :)

The movies and tv were about as bad as usual, but we made it to our destination nonetheless!

And then it was on to the train!

And I make an appearance on the train

Those items on the wall are actually mirrors... some girls got on and used them to do their makeup, lol

Riding through the city...

...and the countryside

And I reached my family in France...! :) (Can you tell I look tired? I pulled an all-nighter before getting on the flight to Chicago, so I was up for something like 2-3 days straight)

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