Monday, October 3, 2011

Going to One Wedding Brings on Another

In Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey, John Thorpe attempts to sneak his way into marrying Catherine Morland and a snippet of the conversation goes as follows:
[John Thorpe] "A famous good thing this marrying scheme, upon my soul! A clever fancy of Morland's and Belle's. What do you think of it, Miss Morland? I say it is no bad notion."
[Miss Morland] 
"I am sure I think it a very good one."
[John Thorpe] 
"Do you? --that's honest, by heavens! I am glad you are no enemy to matrimony, however. Did you ever hear the old song 'Going to One Wedding Brings on Another?'
During the course of this last month I have had the honor of being invited to two weddings, which while they were no more connected one to the other than John Thorpe's fantasies were to reality... did at least in my life happen to occur one after the other. I was therefore reminded of the reference. :)

As a result, I send my official congratulations to my cousin, Ismail and his lovely bride Capucine, whose wedding I was able to attend during my Europe trip. My cousins are all rather cool people and I was really happy to be there for the special day. Living on different continents means we only all see each other sporadically, but thankfully my family and I have been able to visit periodically since I was an infant. This wedding was also really good for bringing most of the French family together in one place, which hasn't happened in a long time. I also met much of my uncle's family for the first time, and they appear to be a good and enjoyable group of people!

French civil wedding

My sister and I with Capucine... brilliantly my sister and I both wore seersucker!

The first dance at evening reception :)
Secondly, this last Saturday I was at the wedding of a wonderful friend of mine, Peter and his delightful bride Erin. I've been friends with Peter and his family for some time now, and they are really amazing, solid people. If everyone were more like them, the world would be a better place! :) Again, blessings and congratulations on the happy couple! 

Lovely Episcopal service in Virginia
The conclusion to their first dance :)
I should throw in that Peter's brother Kevin is now in the National Philharmonic Orchestra's choir... and I went to see his first performance with the orchestra, in which he sang Ode to Joy in Beethoven's 9th symphony! Yet another great reason to go listen to good music!

At Strathmore with Hannah, Kevin, and Eric!
One last passing note... not only were both weddings very fun and enjoyable--with regard to style, I thought they were really well done... both brides picked dresses that were flattering and lovely! It really does give me hope when I see good taste in dress. The future may not be completely lost! lol :)

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