Saturday, August 27, 2011

Silk Burgundy Ascot / Cravat Project

A couple of weeks ago I made myself a linen cravat for the summer, but at the same time as I bought the material for that, I also got a piece of silk to make one in silk. This here is all about making and wearing the new silk one. I chose a lovely color of burgundy to contrast nicely against my wardrobe. I think it works pretty well and is really comfortable. I also found that it didn't really get nearly as badly wrinkled at the end of the day like my linen one did. In this regard it is much ore like my original silk cravat / ascot from Brooks Brothers. 


As with the linen cravat, I used my original Brooks Brothers' cravat/ascot as a model. This time I folded the material in four to be more efficient in table space. Once along the eventual permanent fold and then in half so the length wouldn't go over the end of the counter. Correspondingly, I folded the Brooks Brothers' one in half as shown in this picture.

I used one pin on the end as a guide to keep the hem in place, I used my fingers for the rest

Here's how I was working the hem with one pin... after I shot this, I took the pin out and finished the hem

Second end hem... there are only two visible hems on this item and they are on the short ends

Time to add the long seam on the inside

Finished with seam stitching

After this, I decided to add a zigzag stitch on the end to keep the silk from unravelling. I'll let you know if this faux-serging technique works long-term.

Both ends completed after zig-zag addition

Next, I turned it right-side out

Almost the whole thing, as you can tell it's not flat... this is because I hadn't yet ironed it.

Next I pressed it with the iron

I was careful to use the silk setting on the iron and to place an old white shirt in between to protect the silk

Project completed!

Alternate view of completed project, notice how pressing helps give it the right flatness

I then wore it to the office... the lighting here is terrible, though

And then we had a meeting with Congressman Chris Van Hollen... :)

Discussing trade policy and foreign assistance with Congressman Chris Van Hollen, D-MD 8 
(btw, thank you Annie for the pictures!)

Around 1:30am after wearing the cravat / ascot all day, still looks great! (Although I was about ready to collapse!)

And same as before around 1:30am... trying to smile without falling asleep and posing with blazer back on :)

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