Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Tan Seersucker Suit!

Today's post is about my new seersucker suit... it took me at least a month or two to get it because the store managed to lose my order and then I procrastinated on getting it altered. In the end, I'm fairly pleased with the results and have been getting many compliments about it!

The whole reason for seersucker is that I live in a climate that is annoyingly hot/humid in the summer, but still want ways to look classy in the heat. I chose the tan/white stripe, because I felt it was a more subtle summer look than the traditional blue/white stripe. It does make it look pretty white, but it seems to work. My fears about it being overly white appear to be unfounded as almost everyone has had very positive comments about the suit! I may eventually also consider other cotton/linen suits too, but this is definitely a good step in the right direction.

Pictures are compliments of my friend Annie who was so good as to take them for me... :) Click on the pictures to enlarge!

Yes, this is me being a bit silly

I like this smile :)

This is after wearing it a couple days... being a cotton it has gotten a bit wrinkled... I'm going to test the steamer on it to see how it does with taking the wrinkles out

Another thought was whether or not the tie color should contrast sharply or not... the first time I wore the suit I paired it with a navy bowtie with yellow dots... it was suggested that I try it with a softer color, so I tried the following...