Saturday, November 20, 2010

Trip to Union Station

I love Union Station and rail transportation... so when I needed something at a shop that just happened to be open at Union Station, I made a trip about 10 days ago... :)

The metro is a great (but sometimes pricey and unreliable) way of getting around the DC area... 

I love this architecture... I think it would be great fun to eat in the restaurant in the middle of this room :)

Outside there was a huge ad campaign for a credit card that included a giant pump. 

If there weren't security guards protecting this like hawks, someone would try to use this as a slide!

Notice the size of the person who is walking past the above picture of the shoe... that's how big it is!

These open air walkways in front of the station are rather impressive as well

And as you can see the credit card company wasn't satisfied to have their ads above in the form of the shoe... they bought out most of the ads in the station too... here are some examples...

Union Station, Metrorail

And of course, me riding the metro... for those who wonder what that could possibly look like, lol :)