Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Politics: My Voting Guide for Montgomery County Maryland!

I don't normally feature politics here... but I make an exception today...

Justin’s 2010 Maryland Voter’s Guide... (Montgomery County)

I said I wasn’t going to write one this year, but here’s a last minute one anyways... I like to come to my own conclusions without self-interested parties telling me what to believe, so my recommendations will vary from both the guides produced by most Democrats and Republicans.

I recommend NOT voting for those who are unopposed, unless you really like them.

Update: Forgot to add... vote AGAINST people on the apple ballot... the Teacher's union perverts the political process with their endorsements... this is a toxic component to Montgomery County Politics...

Ballot questions:

County Question A... Ambulance Fees: AGAINST (Likely to raise insurance rates and work against volunteer services... seems to be a push by the County Council and their unions to figure out how to pay for other things without making it look like they’re raising taxes)

State Question 1... Constitutional Convention: AGAINST (Constitutional Conventions nowadays carry the risk of overturning years of precedent in favor of radical untested new ideas and philosophies... definitely a risky move)

State Question 2... Jury Trials: AGAINST... The fact that a trial costs money does not mean that people should be deprived of traditional English Common Law rights such as jury trials.

State Question 3... Orphans Court Judges: AGAINST... I am increasingly convinced that schools and their connected associations exist for profit, and not for the public benefit. I have yet to hear problem with the current system which dates back to the colonial period, I believe.


I have no recommendation... I don’t much like any of the candidates enough. However, be advised there are more candidates than meets the eye:
Martin O'Malley - Democratic Party (status-quo, in favor of purple line... I like the purple line, fyi)
Robert Ehrlich - Republican Party (wants to kill purple line, but might help lessen gerrymandering)
Susan Gaztanaga - Libertarian Party (little chance of win, but libertarians have a halfway decent philosophy)
Maria Allwine - Green Party (unlikely to win, but Greens often support IRV and other types of proportional representation for making our state less politically-monopolized, cons include often untenable positions on the environment to detriment of other functions)
Eric Knowles - Constitution Party (I haven’t met him, but I am acquainted with the Lt Gov candidate, and he’s a decently nice guy... I watched Eric’s speach on MPT and it wasn’t too bad either, again not likely they can pull off a win)


I endorse Peter Franchot, who is presently the incumbent. I heard him give a private talk once, kind of off the record, and I was really impressed with his honesty and common sense. He’s also against slots (as an unfair tax on the poor, etc.) so that’s a huge plus as well. I like him.

US Senate:

I endorse Eric Wargotz, principally because I have seen the incumbent, Barbara Mikulski give speeches, in person... and I absolutely hate her attitude. Seriously, she’s full of her self and difficult to listen to for any length of time. Pretty sure she needs to go. Wargotz is the most likely contender.

US Congress, District 8:

Vote AGAINST Chris Van Hollen... this guy is a real jerk, I’ve run into him in person. He treats his opponents like as though they didn’t exist, which leads me to feel he has very little respect for people beneath his ‘station’. There are other candidates in this race, choose one of them.

Court of Appeals Judges:

Vote AGAINST continuance in office... to voice opposition to overturning the law on gay marriage. (nothing against gays... who tend to be nice people, just do not agree with the legal/moral concept of such marriages)

Board of Education:

I endorse Martha Shaerr

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