Saturday, May 21, 2011

Union Station Panoramas

I went to Union Station on Thursday to do some shopping (ordered a new seersucker suit fo the summer!) and decided to make an evening of it. I love Union Station... there are so many elegant shops and gorgeous architectural details!

Again, as usual, clicking on the pictures should allow you to see them better!

Yes, it's as tasty as it looks! (not a panorama, but had to include it so that you all could be jealous that you weren't in Union Station with me)

This is the entrance into one of the main halls from one of the side halls

The next picture may take some visual getting used to as it is a panorama of the ceiling from side to side:

Panoramic view from edge to edge by way of the ceiling, in effect a full vertical panorama, as opposed to the usual horizontal ones... conveniently, that makes it easier to magnify on the blog here.

360 degree view of main shopping area!

Smaller angle of previous panorama, Anne Taylor is on the left of the screen... notice the open-aired two level design.