Friday, May 20, 2011

Sewing my first Formal Waistcoat... (Part 2)

Here are the latest set of sewing pictures from making my waistcoat. There are still a couple finishing touches that I may work on later, if I do, I'll post them at that time.

Notice the buttonholes for the collar, I didn't have time before my event to sew on the buttons, so I sewed the top of the waistcoat shut. I'll eventually revisit the topic to add buttons

To determine where I was going to place the button holes, I made a guide out of black thread that I loosely stitched into place.

Using the guide, I sewed the buttonholes.

I then cut out the buttonholes using a seam ripper and my scissors. The tricky part with this step was removing the black thread... I had to use my finger nails and the seam ripper to pull the pieces out of the stitching.

Next, I worked on the back closure... I decided to try using a ribbon... it seems to have worked decently well.

Sewing the ribbon closure together.

A couple of items I may add later:
  • Sewing to finish closing inside of waistcoat
  • Inner tab(s) to hook onto trouser buttons to keep waistcoat from riding up during wear
  • Buttons to top/collar
  • etc.

This post is part of a series:
More to come!

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  1. Its lovely! I really like the colours :) and its very nicely sewn, too.