Monday, April 4, 2011

Working on my Black-Tie Outfit...

I've decided to make myself a waistcoat, as the pattern and instructions look feasible. Hopefully this won't be a total disaster! If this works out correctly... I may save more than 50% over quality retail... (it's going to be much more expensive though, than the cheap one-size-fits-all ones that are marketed by the rental industry)

Preview of finished look: Shirt with studs, sleeve/cuff with cufflink, and bottom left-hand corner, the pique fabric I'm going to use for my waistcoat.

Most of my project supplies

I went shopping and found a number of items for this waistcoat project. First I got two patterns, (on sale, which is brilliant!) then I got fabric and some notions. I will return to the store to get buttons when all is put together, so I have an idea of scale. I'll probably get mother of pearl buttons (with shanks, so the thread is not visible) like a British white-tie waistcoat would have, as I don't know how to make self-faced buttons (as American waistcoats do). I was considering using studs, but I think it will be more cost-effective to buy the mother of pearl buttons.

My original goal was to have finished this already, but I had forgotten that I had to work on Saturday this week for a special project at the office (we don't normally work on weekends) and then I ended up being up so long yesterday that I slept most of today. My goal now is to have this finished by the next time I need it. :)

Samples of fabric... I am also considering making a bow tie...

Fabric for final waistcoat: lining, fusible interfacing, pique fabric for outside.

I am going to make a test waistcoat first, so I don't ruin the nicer fabric: lining, fusible interfacing, and muslin.

Thread and needles


  1. How exciting! :) So I guess you did get to borrow a sewing machine then, or is yours already fixed?
    I look forward to seeing pictures of the finished waistcoat soon! :)

  2. I borrowed my mother's... but I don't have scissors to cut paper, so I'll start cutting as soon as I get them... I was going to get some at Ikea, but I slept too long! Hopefully this will be all done soon, because I'm probably going to need it within 2 weeks!