Monday, April 25, 2011

Panoramic Photographs: Salisbury Cathedral

Here's another installment in panoramic photographs... today's collection is from my visit to Salisbury Cathedral in 2009. This year I have been looking through the pictures and attempting to match them up into panoramic shots, although they weren't exactly always taken ideally for that. Enjoy the photos!

Cathedral Exterior... like everything else in England in 2009, it too was in scaffolding

This here is in the very back of the church, right as you arrive in the sanctuary. I forget the exact name for this, unfortunately.

This picture faces the opposite direction of the last picture, it is taken from the ledge right below the stain glass window.

Here's an example of the wooden scaffolding holding some parts together and making others walkable. This is the same level as the previous picture

This is inside the bell tower... notice the bracing

This is a closer up panorama of the lower part of the last shot

I believe this is part of the apparatus that rings the bell

Panoramic view of the courtyard (including the cafe, which is covered with a glass roof) from the top of the bell tower