Friday, March 25, 2011

I haven't disappeared!

Riding the MARC train to work after dropping off my vehicle for maintenance

I've just been busy and had too many ideas on my mind to know which to write about first!

Downton Abbey... love this series! Expect some posts about it!

That said, I'm going to be writing some posts in the near future, because I have a good many things to share... recent performances I've attended and movies I've watched lately for the most part.

It's true, I love my scooter... so much more efficient than walking, even if it's a bit tacky... and and it folds better than a bicycle!)

Walk, Don't Run... from my recently watched netflix items... probably going to write about this as well

Screenshot of Madama Butterfly page on WNO website, I attended a lovely performance of this!

Screenshot of event invite for Beatrice Martin's concert at the French Embassy, highly enjoyable performance!

I wore this recently and was asked by a passerby if I was in the position to offer him employment! Shocking what dressing nicely does, isn't it?

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