Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From the Archives: Musings about style... (Chariots of Fire / Titanic)

I was looking at my old xanga blog and noticed this post on fashion in the Titanic and Chariots of Fire movies. I've updated my views and become more knowledgeable about many things since, but I think the pictures are worth having up here and it's also worth a small reminder into what I was thinking 3.5 years ago! Enjoy this trip to the archives!

Originally published 7/16/2007:

So I've been looking up stuff on fashion from the epoch's of the sinking of the Titanic (1912) and the movie Chariots of Fire (set in 1924) and I've been thinking that I like a number of elements of the fashion from those time periods. I also tend to like things up to the 1950's... in fact I think I can find interesting things in mens fashion from 1800ish to 1950...

So like I was wondering, is it possible for me to wear a navy two button blazer, wingtip collar shirt, bowtie, khaki pants, black shoes, black belt, and perhaps one of these short hats pictured below.... ? Would this work for casual and formal?   (screenshot from Chariots of Fire) Oh and, I really like the outfit in this pic in its entirety too.

Then, another example of very intriguing fashion... (this one from Titanic)

Hmm... here are some other things I liked...

White tie attire (which is actually more formal than black tie, ie. tuxedos)

Oh and if you ever think a dinner is too formal... check out the freshman's dinner from Chariots of Fire... amazing, they're all wearing white-tie attire... wow...

This is also really nice... this of course is after Thomas Andrews has removed his suitcoat in the evening and is in his study... (Titanic)

Another shot of Thomas Andrews, this time at a meal... notice the wingtip collar, very neat...(Titanic)

Ok... I really need like an official guidebook to fashion, fabric, patterns, stitches, etc. Oh, and a book on elevated manners would be awesome too...

As for women's fashion... I can't exactly decide on a particular era. Unlike the timeless and lasting nature of mens fashion, women seem to change what they wear every week or so, making it virtually impossible to pinpoint a particular style. Also, there are so many immodest styles within eras, that you can't give a blanket stamp of approval. And then, there's the wack fashions... huge hats, and other curiosities that wouldn't work so great today. However, I think it's worth looking at history anyway for ideas.

I'm essentially trying to connect with the past via history, fashion, law, architecture, music, etc. I think that beauty in it's truest form should not be something that changes all the time. Yes, beauty is fleeting... but that's physical beauty, that changes as one ages. However, fashion is something that is eternal by definition, because it isn't a living thing. And, I think that beauty is something that God created for us to enjoy... it's one of those essential truths that doesn't change. To throw out history and historically based fashion is to lose centuries worth of knowledge in the area of aesthetics. I want to connect and absorb what is good from the past, modifying where perhaps necessary, but making use of the guidelines established by our western heritage.

What do you all think?