Wednesday, February 17, 2010

DVD's and Cravat Just Got Here! :D

I finally received my DVD's of Emma and Return to Cranford from Amazon... and my Cravat from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath yesterday... I am totally excited about this!!! :D I thought I'd post some pictures while eating lunch. :)

Additionally, I bought fabric for my regency shirts on Saturday, so now I just need to find a moment to get the fabric washed, cut, and sewn! :)

Closeup of the fabric on the cravat:
I also absolutely love the design of the DVD cases... look at the lovely insides...

And they're just like hardcover books, with the same sort of cover... really brilliant design... :D


  1. My family watched both of these on Masterpiece. I think you'll really enjoy them! I've been liking your blog and I'd love if you'd drop by mine (I've also written reviews for both of these series, if you're interested!).

  2. ahh yes, lovely! :D

    I actually watched Emma on Masterpiece too, so this was so that I now have it on DVD. My family recorded Return to Cranford when it came on Masterpiece but I haven't yet gotten around to watching it. I too will write up some reviews at some point... :D

    Thank you for the compliments on my blog! I've briefly been over to see yours but will return when I can give it more focused attention... :D