Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ballroom at the Upper Assembly Rooms, Bath, England

I took a number of pictures and a video of walking around the ballroom when I visited the Assembly Rooms. Unfortunately, the other rooms were in use, so I only got this one. :( That said, the details that are in this room are really amazing; they're simply gorgeous! Enjoy!

And the video:


  1. Hi Justin

    I've just found your blog through your interview on Aurora's blog. Great interview, BTW! I agreed with most of what you said - especially in regards to Mansfield Park. Possibly Austen's most under-read and under-appreciated novel.

    And I enjoyed your reviews of North and South and Wives and Daughters. Always interesting to hear a guy's perspective on books and movies from this particular genre (Jane Austen and other similar-ish authors).

    Keep blogging! I look forward to seeing what you write in future.


  2. Awesome pictures! That is a beautiful room. :-)

  3. Seeing these pictures makes me miss Bath!

  4. Thanks, Elise! I'm glad you enjoyed reading the interview and my blog! Mansfield Park is awesome, isn't it? :D Discovering that other people enjoy what I write makes everything worthwhile here! :) Don't worry, I have plenty more happy things to write about... it's just finding time to jot it all down!

    Thanks, Brittany! It's an amazing place to visit. Actually, most all of Bath is amazing!

    Ha ha, Aurora, I think this calls for a return trip!