Sunday, June 30, 2013

And I'm back!

Dear Readers,

So many things have happened lately! I don't even know where to begin!

I've spent almost three weeks in France and England a few weeks ago studying for and taking exams at the Sorbonne, made so many new friends, and had a lot of fairly life-changing revelations and good conversations.

Due to the stress and the craziness that hasn't yet completely settled down, I have been quite delayed and remiss in my blog writing.

Very shortly I plan to write blog posts on:

  • Travel stories from England
  • Travel stories and French family reunion in France... including visiting Lille and running into a protest
  • Exams and awesome classmates I met while at the Sorbonne in Paris

Here are a couple pictures from my trip from DC to London to get us started:

This is a sculpture in the American Airlines terminal at JFK

If you look closely you will see the world's only MasterCard airport lounge! Apparently all you have to do is show your MasterCard and they will let you use their wifi and sofas. Staff are really friendly too!
You can barely see it: the TSA agent is excited about a drone that Brookstone is selling... (look closely between the salesman and the TSA agent). I was amused at the irony.

Panoramic shot during the flight... got to see some really beautiful sunset/sunrises 

And I arrived at Heathrow!
I also plan to catch up on the last 10 months of events I haven't yet gotten to writing about, while potentially interspersing more details about my previous European adventure in 2011. 

I also happen to get my grades on Tuesday, so either there will be lots of celebration or travel planning for another visit to Paris in September! 

Stay tuned!