Thursday, May 3, 2012

Social Media Update

Dear readers,

I'm working on trying to be present on as many social media platforms as possible. Sadly, I don't update all them equally well, but I do try to allow for additional ways to interact based on your preferred medium.

However, I feel that as I have been adding newer platforms, I haven't necessarily announced them! Please find them all below--you should totally follow, like, +1, etc. all my pages!


This one's obvious, you're looking at it right now. I had almost 1,700 views last month! Thank you everyone for reading my blog, really appreciate it!



I tend to update this one the best.



If you tag me, I will probably eventually respond... feel free to retweet me!!/elegancehq        @elegancehq



I don't really update this, but if I get followers, I'll try to start checking in at interesting spots!



Watch my style unfold through time!


Still working on this... any of you use this? I just created this page within the last few weeks, so I need you guys to get on it and add me to your circles!