Monday, June 20, 2011

Travel Steamer

I recently ordered the Jiffy E-Steamer from Amazon, and have been using it on various items around the house and elsewhere. I'm really pleased with the contraption, as it should fit in my suitcase for travel and is built decently well. (Made in USA!)

Using steamer on my blazer

A couple of things to know about it: appears to work best on wool or thinner cotton fabrics. If you try it on heavier items, I would not be surprised if your results were less than favorable. Because it's steam, it is much more gentle on items than a hot iron and can be used on a good deal of different fabrics. It's for this reason that dry cleaners use steam as part of getting clothes pressed nicely.
Using the steamer to unwrinkle friend's wall decor... photo curtesy of my friend Annie :)
 The only complaint I have, is that the steamer is a single voltage and requires their voltage converter (the unit is 600watts) to operate abroad. I think it would have been nice if they came packaged together or already built in with a small voltage switch, like some travel hair dryers. That said, the cord is decently long, but not so much as to be inconvenient when trying to pack for a trip. (I'll know better after I actually travel with the unit, obviously)

Here's an example of what the steamer can do:

Before steaming (wool gabardine trousers

After steaming (wool gabardine trousers)

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