Thursday, December 9, 2010

I love elegant commercials! (Perfume edition)

So, I've been noticing a number of really lovely advertisements for various perfumes while watching videos online... you know the 30 second clips you have to watch to see that video on a news site or youtube... and sometimes these are actually worth seeing (and it's not all of them, believe me!)... so, here are a couple of commercials that are full of elegant eye candy for you my delightful readers to enjoy... :)

First, I ran into the commercial for Lancôme 'Trésor in Love'... love the look of this commercial :)

Then I ran into Chanel N°5... I absolutely love the retro setting of this film!

There is even a really interesting 'Making of' clip that documents how they built the set... very interesting! Don't you wish they made train cars like this today with all the lovely detailing and elegant thoughtfulness?

And then I also discovered Idylle Guerlain, this has such a lovely feel to it and a delightful teasing...

It's no wonder these advertisements are made... I think they probably work... :D However, as I don't know what the aroma of any of these perfumes is... I cannot recommend them personally--beyond their commercials; I do hope they're as fragrant as the commercials are elegant, though! :)


  1. You know what's awesome??!?! ... The actress in the Chanel No. 5 commercial PLAYS COCO in COCO: Before Chanel :D :D :D LOVE!! <3

  2. really? that's awesome! :D (I haven't yet seen that film... I guess I should probably think of adding it to the list of things to see)

  3. hey there we seem to both like elegant favorite is the channel no. 5 commercial with nicole kidman..i have more on my channel if youd like to watch :)