Saturday, September 18, 2010

Defenders Day at Fort McHenry!

Defenders Day is when we celebrate the War of 1812... I took a number of lovely shots during the celebrations last Saturday... :)  

(click on any image to enlarge it... if you want to use it elsewhere, talk to me first and make sure to credit)

Maybe in the future I too will have a proper costume... if I stop being lazy about making it... :P (I've been getting a number of leads on how to make them and find patterns lately... if you know anything, I would love to hear, as I'm not an expert but want a decent result when I do get around to it)

I was amused by the people sitting on the earthworks... :)

Some of whom clearly were not completely in the 1800's... ;)

Camp life :)

Old meets new...

Vantage point from where my family were sitting... :)

Panorama of troops lined up

Panorama of the camps

Governor Martin O'Malley spoke too... :) 

This is the smoke pattern from the cannon

Modern cannon used during 1812 overture

Afterburn on modern cannon

They raised a replica of the Star Spangled Banner

And finished it off with celebratory fireworks!

I might post more later if I feel like it... :D Enjoy!


  1. I love history reenactments. Hope you get to make your costume, would love for you to post photos.
    Bon weekend! :-)

  2. yes, me too! :D

    I'm hoping my sister will have some good pictures that I wasn't able to get... we'll see what I find out... :D