Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So busy!

I have been running around lately and so distracted that I have forgotten to write here! Here are a few happy pictures from what I've been up to:

Making panoramas of things like pretty sunsets...

...and the new transportation center that's near my work...

Sewing a little, I decreased the size of a tablecloth here... this is hopefully the forerunner of a number of other upcoming projects, if I ever get around to them!

Spending time in DC with Victoria...

Swing Dancing at Glen Echo Park... :D :D :D

Making crepes!

Making all sorts of funny faces with someone I love to spend time with... (can you guess who?)

(that would be more funny faces)

And much, much, more!

Hopefully soon I'll have time to write up some more reviews about elegant happy things like Northanger Abbey, style, or other generally interesting/exciting material... but I thought I'd at least let everyone know that I haven't completely dropped off the face of the earth, lol!