Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Young Victoria... My First Impressions...

On Tuesday evening I had the pleasure of seeing a preview screening of The Young Victoria... the film was lovely. It was filmed nicely, had good costumes, incredible music, etc. Here's the trailer:

I particularly liked how the end tied everything together, it was really moving. After watching the film and seeing the historical facts about what happened after the period of the film, it was particularly endearing. The thing that struck me most, was they mentioned that Queen Victoria had Albert's clothes laid out every day until her death. To not forget his existence, I think makes a good case for their strong attachment.

I found the movie provided a lot of insight into how the court operated in Victoria's time and in the way customs were executed. It's one thing to read a book and another to see them illustrated in live action before your eyes in gorgeous film like this.

What I will say though, is I was a bit afraid after seeing the trailer, that there might be a bunch of inappropriate scenes. I can assure the reader that all the scenes in the film that border on inappropriate are no worse than anything in the longest version of the trailer. I still thought they had more of these than was absolutely necessary, but at least they weren't nearly half as bad as I had worried.

The moral of the story is good... Victoria is vindicated against those who do not have her best interests at heart... both in thwarting a regency and in marrying Albert who sees through the cunning of her advisers. The movie shows us how Victoria gets past herself to truly take advantage of these auspicious events and things.

The music for this film is also a delight... when I was in the theater, I was effectively wrapped in beauty from the beginning to end. I also purchased the soundtrack from Amazon, and it is quite nice. They did a good job of combining it with the Coronation anthem, Zadok the Priest by Handel. It is a bit on the quiet side, with occasional bouts of excitement, so keep your volume control at hand or use headphones.

The costumes are well done too, but as I previously stated, I'm not a huge fan of the women's wear from the period. Prince Albert, however, has number of amazing outfits... which may yet be featured in a future blog post. (particularly after the DVD is released, so I can take some screenshots)

The action at some points may appear a bit slow, but in the end, it probably is good they don't go too much faster, as they cover a lot of ground in the retelling of the story. Therefore, my conclusion is to recommend this film to all fans of period dramas and the like! :D

For the rest of you all in the United States, I believe the film comes out on the 24th or 25th of December.

(I feel as though there are plenty of things I should also cover, but I'm sure they've been covered elsewhere, or perhaps I will write again upon seeing the film again to have the opportunity of noticing more details)


  1. This is a lovely film. I've only seen it once so far so I don't remember all the details of what I thought about it, but I remember it as being quite stunning visually!

    I don't quite agree with you in regards to the costumes though. I do agree that they are very well done, but unlike you I am actually rather fond of the Victorian fashion style. Of course there are extremes and as with all styles there are things I like and some that I don't. But as a whole I do like the look of Victorian dresses.

    Ever since I first saw the film Victoria & Albert I have really liked this famous Royal couple. When we were living in England we went for a visit to the Isle of Wight for a few days and there we went to see Osborne House, one of the homes of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their family. It was a lovely place! And I remember one of the rooms, I think it was Albert's dressing room, was laid out exactly the way it had been when he was alive. Queen Victoria kept it that way for all her life, and she even had hot water sent up there every morning, just as if he was going to use it!

  2. Oh, look who figured out how to comment! :D So glad to see it finally worked!

    Yes, the way the film was produced is stunning and a serious treat for the eyes! As to Victorian costume, I reference my first blog post as to excess... but I think I will not be able to convince you, lol! There is a certain beauty, unquestionably in the Victorian period, but it is frustrated, IMHO, by trying to overdo and contort itself. Essentially, in trying to look fashionable it trips over itself. But, I do like the men's clothing, as it for the most part cleans up and gets less silly, lol. (Yes, I do pick and choose whenever I like to)

    I still must locate and watch this other film you keep praising, because if you think it better than this new one, it must truly be delightful! I do envy your travels, particularly being able to see the residences on the Isle of Wight... perhaps someday I will be able to go there. Did you take pictures by any chance?

    I must also confess, that I like the attachment that Her Majesty had for the Prince, it is quite moving... I know of few other people who remember like this.

  3. Yes I am rather proud of myself for figuring it out! Though I had some help in doing that... :)

    No I don't think you will actually be able to convince me. I am so far gone in liking some particular dresses from this era that I am afraid there is no turning back for me. :P But I agree that sometimes it is too extreme and rather prone to excess. And I also agree that the gentlemen's fashion of the time is nice.

    Well it is a good film. The one I keep on mentioning. It isn't anything THAT special perhaps, I just like it. I like the fact that it is longer that The Young Victoria (I am fond of long films) and I think the main actors are very suitable in it. So yes you should watch it. But like I said, it's good, but not super, beyond anything fantastic. :)

    We did take some pictures when we visited Osborne House. Not inside the actual house, because that wasn't allowed, but outside. I shall look them up and send you some if you'd like.